High School PAC

The purpose of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is to provide a forum for regular, open communication between parents/guardians and the high school administration regarding topics of interest or concern. Administration may also utilize this group from time to time for input regarding issues that arise throughout the year. In order to operate in an effective manner, the size of the group is intended to remain low enough to allow for meaningful discussion, yet large enough to provide for multiple sources of input and viewpoints. Parents are asked to volunteer for possible selection at the beginning of the year Open House event. Names that are submitted are placed into a "hat" and pulled at random at a faculty meeting.

PAC meetings take place on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, with the exception of September and December.

Pac Members for the 2019-20 Academic Year are:

Wanda Barry -  myboys1013@gmail.com
Sue Bradley - smjjfamily@comcast.net
Francie Capuano -  franciepenny@hotmail.com
Jen Collins
Maureen Coppes - mocoppes@yahoo.com
Bill Frasure - wgfra@conncoll.edu
Tanya Gallitto
Diana Gernhardt - gernhardtd@comcast.net
Steven Gernhardt - steven.s.gernhardt@pfizer.com
John Gianinni - g_man8405@comcast.net
Nicole Hartt - todd.hartt@snet.net
Jim Henderson
Kim Hirst - kkhirst@gmail.com
Maureen Kapij - mkapij@comcast.net
Jen Kawecki - kaweckis@comcast.net
Eileen Kravitz - eileen@shorepowerinc.com
Paula Ladd - paula.a.ladd@gmail.com
Jill Lombardi
Brenda Maselli - brenda@6bythesea.com
Melissa Mason - masonahoy@gmail.com
Liz McLaughlin
Trevor Nichols - tnichols44@comcast.net
Sue Noack
Maggie Paccione - moghiz@aol.com
Quiana Peralta - qlperalta@hotmail.com
Hillary Sigersmith - hsigersmith@gmail.com
Denise Stone - dstone731@gmail.com
Jill Stuart - stuartpjn@yahoo.com
Elayne Thomas - tfun@snet.net
Michelle Wiley - mwileyh2o@gmail.com
Jane Wisialowski